Thursday, May 19, 2011

“Don't settle for hamburger when you're "FILET MIGNON”

Recently, my best friends Vicky and Mariko were visiting me on my houseboat, for an evening of girl fun…drinking a  few bottles of great wine and watching the sunset and kicking back and catching up with each other on the events of the past month.  But first let me give you a little background info on my gal pals.
Vicky is from South Georgia, where I’m from…she is recently divorced also like myself.  Vicky moved here to Lake Lanier in October of 2010 and we became fast friends.  She is the “Big Dog” in the company she’s been employed with for over 25 years.  Her divorce was unexpected as mine was…so when we get together we are usually checking on each other to see whose surviving the best.  I think we both are doing just fine!  I love you, Vicky…not so sure I could have made it without your friendship and shoulder to cry on when I needed it.  You’re the best!  Kisses to you, sister!
Mariko…well, is an amazing woman, let me just say that to start off with.  She has been a great friend to me over the past 3 years and it has been a damn pleasure knowing her.  Her entire family has been blessed with the ability to love others without expecting anything back and always have a kind word to everyone.  I love them all.  She has made me feel apart of their family since the first day I arrived here May, 2008.  Mariko is married to one of the greatest guys on the planet, they’ve been married for 29 years…Mike you’re the greatest..”and I’m not just saying that because you allow her to spend too much time with me, without a single complaint”..(I would be lost without her!)  I love you, Mariko, more than words can ever express.  Thanks for being my friend even when you had to dish it up to me straight…I have admired you and respected your opinion on more than 100 occasions.  I love you…Hugz forever and ever!
Let me also add…these women are amazingly beautiful on the outside and the inside.
Now…let’s get to what we all agreed upon.  Let me just warn you…the views and opinions of our conversation were impressed by the consumption of several bottles of wine…BUT…I feel that what I’m about to tell you is true…you be the judge and please feel free to comment.  We’re all in this Love Boat together and we are all trying to find our way.  Lol!!
Observation #1:  When we were in high school and college all the boys were dating around randomly, mainly with the girls who were having sex.   So, guys were always flitting from this flower to the next and not really making any kind of commitments.  So, in turn we were made to feel unimportant every time a guy broke up with us and went out with someone else.
Observation #2:  Guys in their 30’s had graduated college and were ready to settle down and have a family.  So now they were ready to make a commitment and buy a house, take a wife, have kids and a dog.
Observation #3:  When guys were reaching their 40’s they began to look back upon their youth and became uncomfortable with the way their life was turning out.  High mortgage, nagging wife, crazy teenagers and a biting dog!    So, the guys search for greener pastures and divorce their first wives and stake their claim upon being single again.  The only problem now is, there are few women to date their own age, so they date young women who have young children and loads of problems.  The sex is rockin’ again for them…they can love and leave em’ again like they did in their 20’s.   Oh!  They still have responsibilities but its only every other weekend.
Observation #4:  Now the guys are reaching their 50’s…most of their hair is gone…they’ve developed the 40 year old bulge…you know where their belly sticks out so far they can’t see their man parts without looking in a mirror.  Not to mention they are having erectile dysfunction, too!  High blood pressure and poor diet during their party time, trying to reclaim their lost youth.  These guys are now looking for a good woman to settle down with, because they are afraid of being alone and they are getting older so they want someone to help take care of them.  
The problem now is, that most of the women who were divorced in their 40’s have gone back and finished their education, because they were too busy raising children and taking care of a home.  These women have become independent and a force to be reckoned with and they really don’t need a man.  Sure you’ve heard “you need a man for sex”…wrong, ladies, you don’t…you just need to be directed to the nearest sex toy shop!  The items found there will never let you down and you can put your new friend in the nightstand…and forget it exists until you need it again!  Heck,  women make as much or more money than men do now.  We have become strong and now it’s our turn to name the terms of what we want out of life.  
I’ve made the observation that if you are a beautiful woman, healthy and fit, funny, charming, educated, financially secure and just damn comfortable in your own skin…you can have a date every night of the week if you want it, and you can choose who YOU want to go out with…you do not have to settle for hamburger…because BABY…you are filet mignon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Dating...WOW!

Internet know, E-Harmony, etc.  Let me just say, this is a great way to view and sort out the weeds in the "Garden of Single Hell".  I have connected to a few sites and have been amazed at how many emails you can receive the minute I posted my picture.  On one site, I was contacted 76 times the first day, on another site, 52 there are a lot of people who are using internet dating sites.  I have met some pretty good men and I have met some losers...but the sites give you the option to chat and email one another to see if there is a connection or to block those you don't want to communicate with.   I recommend the Internet Dating sites.  So, here's the story of one guy, who completely lost his mind and how I responded (This is true factual story)!  Enjoy!

First rule you must observe...DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS!!  Get to know this person better.  I did not observe this, a serpent entered my email garden.  I will call him BUD!  Well, BUD and I were hitting it off pretty well, we swapped the usual divorce story, children, family, know all the normal getting to know you information.  Occasionally, some funny, witty banter back and forth about the dating world.  I never disclosed that I worked for a Marketing/Sales firm, just the fact that I worked in Gainesville, Georgia.  So, I gave BUD my personal email address and we began to correspond through that outlet.   Well, later that night I checked my email and I had an email from BUD, he was always so nice and polite (so, I thought!).  First let me give you a little bit of background on BUD...he owns a Karate Studio in Dalton, Georgia, so I thought of him to be well respected and trusted by many parents who send their children weekly to his Karate Studio for instruction in the martial arts.  Looks can be deceiving attention to the people you involve your children with...SERIOUSLY!   Well, BUD's email starts out "Hello, Sweet Angel" **(First of all, most of you who know me...knows that is a false statement...LOL!!!)**  "I have enjoyed our many conversations and look forward go getting to know you better.  I have attached a few pics of me so you can get to know,me better."  Now, I was thinking to myself, awwww!  This is a really nice guy!  (WRONG!!)  I opened the pictures from the email attachment and I was shocked at the display of pornography this guy had displayed for me of his "MAN PARTS".  I promise, you it wasn't just one photo it was 5 or 6 different photos of his "MAN PARTS" creatively displayed.  I was stunned and shocked to see these photos to say the least.  But I also felt disrespected, angry and fear for the children he instructed in his Karate Studio.  I could not took me awhile to collect my composure, plus, I have to admit...the pictures were in great detail and did catch your attention.  I'm not sure what this guy was going for...but whatever effect he was hoping for, it didn't happen.  I had to think as to how I should respond to my perverted serpent in my email garden and THEN, it came to me!!!

I typed, "BUD, thank you for your recent email and the attached photos of your "MAN PARTS", I'm not sure what kind or response you were looking for, so I'll give you the only one I came up with.  I told you I was employed in Gainesville, Georgia, but I didn't say where.  Now, I feel it is time to let you know that I am a Corrections Office and I am forwarding your wonderful explicit photos to one of our Investigators in my office.  I hope you have a great evening!  Sincerely, Angela

Needless, to say, I never heard from BUD again and his account was deleted off the internet date site at warp speed.   I still have the email, just in case BUD, the perverted serpent tries to slip into my email garden again!!!  So, remember, to follow this rule "Don't give out your personal email address".  Guard against serpents in your email garden. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting prepared for the dating world! Single Again!!!

Hello, my name is Angela Cannon, and this is my first post and my first time blogging.  I felt that I needed to share my new experiences with the women who are in their 40's and find that they are starting all over again as a single person.

First let me say, divorce is difficult at any age, but to find yourself starting all over in your 40's is a little scary.  But fear not my fellow ladies...I am forging ahead in this wilderness and I will keep you informed, so log onto my blog and lets have some fun.

So, now I'm single saw it coming!  I always thought I would be happily married forever...WRONG!! 

I have to act responsibly, right!   So, I go to the local Rite Aid, I go over to the aisle where the condoms are displayed for all to see...(there is no privacy)...I'm looking up and down at the rows of the assorted condoms, there is such an assortment, I am completely confused as to what to purchase.  I'm looking and I see that the damn things come in sizes...sizes, I tell you!  No assortment pack!  Small, medium, large and extra large...and I can see that the store never sells the small packs of condoms because its row is completely full.  So, at this point I am sure every man on the planet only purchases the large or extra large...because he could not handle the humiliation of getting to the check out with a box of small condoms...**there would we an instant snicker from the cashier and you would immediately read her thoughts.."Poor little guy"!  Guys you gotta a tough purchase when you purchase these products, as for us women, we are at a complete loss.  So, there's this guy standing next to me looking at the shaving creams, (I know he's really waiting for me to move away from the condoms so he can make his purchase and escape the curious eyes of this woman who seems to be completely lost)  he smiles at me as I am still pondering and admiring the assortment of these multi sized condoms, and I know I need to purchase a pack, if I'm planning on having sex again.  I look over at him and say, "These damn things come in sizes!"  he smiled grabbed a pack of the extra large and said, "yes, they do", and walked away laughing at, I yell, hey mister, "how do I know what size to buy, if I don't know his package size yet, I just want to be prepared!"  Needless to say the man dumps all his purchases and quickly exits Rite Aid, trying to escape the blonde lady waving a pack of condoms at him, leaving me standing alone wondering what the hell do I buy!  And then this nice young girl who works in the Pharmacy part of the store asks if she can help me!  I explain my dilemma, she begins to laugh and we search the condom aisle together.  If I buy small or medium, I might insult the guy, if I buy large or extra large then it looks as if I'm hopeful!  And then wouldn't my date feel inadequate if he couldn't fill up the large?  How do you win?   And if I purchase an new date will think I'm a slut and that I'm prepared for, hell, all the signals I'm sending out just scream disaster!  We all hear the myths about look at a guys hands or feet, then you'll know, but like I said its only a myth.  So, what's a girl to do?  How can a lady in her 40's be prepared and spontaneous without looking stupid or slutty?